Do you have some of these financial planning questions?


Retirement concerns are some of the most common questions we tackle with clients.

Am I saving enough for retirement?

How much should I be saving for retirement?

Can I retire?

When should I start drawing Social Security?

What account should I start using first for retirement income?

Which pension distribution option should I select?

Should I delay taking Social Security?


Reviewing your investments is important to your long-term goals.  We work with you to help clarify your asset allocation and investment strategy.

Is my portfolio appropriately allocated between stocks/bonds/cash)?

Am I saving in the appropriate type of investment account?

When should I start to decrease exposure to “aggressive” investments? 

Am I diversified enough?

What kind of account should I use to save for my children’s education?

Insurance/Managing Risk

Appropriate insurance protection is important at all stages of your life.  We work with you to determine how much coverage is appropriate, as well as types of coverages

Please note: We don’t sell insurance.

How much life insurance do I need?

Should I use term or permanent life insurance?

If I retire before age 65, what are my options for getting medical insurance coverage?

Do I need disability insurance outside of my work coverage?

When should I consider long term care insurance?

Tax Considerations

Tax considerations are important to your financial planning concerns.

Please note: We do not provide tax advice or tax preparation services..

 Should I save to a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA?

What is a Roth 401k and how is it different than a Roth IRA?

How is my Social Security and Required Minimum Distribution taxed?

Should I consider a Roth Conversion?

Lifestyle Choices

Housing, spending, saving goals and related lifestyle choices often impact our financial goals.  We work together to understand how your choices related to your lifestyle impact your planning outcomes.

 Am I spending an appropriate amount based on my income and future goals?

Which do I focus on first:  debt reduction, retirement, or children’s education savings?

How much home can I afford?

Should I finance a home remodel project or pay cash?

Should I pay off my mortgage?

What do I do with my inheritance?

Estate Planning

It’s not easy to talk about “what happens if I die”, but it’s important. We discuss concerns related to your estate planning considerations.

Please note: we do not provide legal advice or prepare estate documents.

Do I need a will if I’m single or don’t have children?

How often should my estate documents be reviewed?

What documents are part of an “estate plan”?

Do I need a trust?