Financial Plan Packages

Financial Plan Packages

Sometimes you may want more of a limited engagement with a financial planner.  For clients that desire a one-time financial plan or meeting to review specific topic areas one of our Financial Plan Packages may work well.

We can tailor the specific topics to your situation, but these plans offer us an opportunity to work together to develop a “game plan” and list of actions to take to achieve your goals.  We work with you to develop a plan to address your most important considerations and concerns.

We recommend annual check-in meetings to update and “refresh” the plan and topic areas since life is always evolving.


Financial Plan

Topics reviewed may include cash flow/budget, debt reduction plan, savings targets, retirement plan with multiple “what-if” scenarios, home remodel or new home purchase, college projections and funding recommendations, investment review, insurance review, estate planning review, employee benefit(s) review, other specific items if needed.

  • Single, no children: $1,500
  • Single, with children: $2,500
  • Partnered, no children: $3,000
  • Partnered, with children: $4,000

Retirement Roadmap

Topics reviewed may include retirement plan with multiple “what-if” scenarios, cash flow/budget review, investment review, insurance review, how to access income from your portfolio, pension distribution options, Social Security claiming options, medical insurance or Medicare decisions, estate planning review, long-term care insurance and required minimum distributions.

  • One individual: $2,400
  • Married/Partners: $4,000

Asset/Portfolio Review

Overall review of your investment accounts, recommendations on asset allocation, risk tolerance and savings targets as well as rebalancing recommendations.

  • One individual: $2,000
  • Married/Partners: $3,000

Annual updates (meeting and plan update) are usually half of the initial plan cost.

**PLEASE NOTE** For the Financial Plan, Retirement Roadmap and Portfolio Review PACKAGES: If you have multiple variable annuity or variable life insurance policies to review OR if you have over 6 accounts as an individual or 10 as a couple, the cost will increase by $225/hour.

Newlywed Package

This package offers newly-married or soon-to-be-married couples the opportunity to discuss issues about merging their financial lives.  Whether you’re a young couple or this is a second marriage, we will review a plan for joint and individual goals, if you want to combine your finances, as well as future savings and investing goals.  Topics we may discuss include budgeting, starting a family, future home purchase or investment and insurance considerations.

  • No children: $750
  • Blending with children: $1,500

Specific Topic Session

Sometimes there is a topic that may only need to be addressed once and you want to consult a professional before making your decision.  You may hire TorchLight to review your question and provide objective advice related to that very specific situation at an hourly rate of $225/hour.

  • Hourly: $225/hour

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