Ongoing Advisory Services

Ongoing Advisory Services

Our Ongoing Financial Advisory Services give you ongoing access to your financial advisor throughout the year, versus a one-time plan development. TorchLight offers two Ongoing Advisory Service options:  Combined Investment Management and Planning or Subscription Planning Services.

Investment Management and Planning

This option is for clients who desire to delegate more of the management, day-to-day monitoring and administration of their portfolio to a trusted financial professional. We build a diversified portfolio and work with you throughout the year to ensure the portfolio is working for you.  We recommend T.D. Ameritrade (our preferred custodian) for client accounts.  We also provide ongoing planning services throughout the year in addition to the monitoring and management of the portfolio.  You usually pay for this service on a quarterly basis, from your investment accounts, as a % of the total assets managed.

  • Fee is usually about 1% of assets managed. We recommend having at least $250,000 of investable assets for the combination service of professional asset management and planning.
  • We will review all areas of your financial plan but we also manage the ongoing administration of your portfolio. This may include:
    • Place trades in your accounts
    • Setting up monthly or “as-needed” ACH instructions
    • Rebalance portfolio
    • Process annual RMD requirements
    • Review performance (at least quarterly)

Subscription Planning Services

This option works well for clients that may not desire to hand off the administration of their portfolio, or, if the majority of your assets are invested in a work retirement plan.  You will get portfolio recommendations and check-in meetings, but you will be responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of your account(s).  This service allows you to have ongoing advice and access to a trusted advisor, without having to move your assets or if you have only started investing. You usually pay for this service via a monthly or quarterly subscription planning fee.

  • Initial plan development fee: $750
  • Monthly fee: between $200 – $800/month, depending upon complexity of your specific situation, total number of investment accounts, household size, income and net worth.
  • We will review all areas of your plan development, including review of existing and new employment benefits, retirement contribution levels, cash flow, education funding (if desired), insurance coverage, investment allocation, estate planning review and recommendations, real estate considerations, and other related financial planning considerations.
  • This service requires a 12 month commitment.

Whichever option you select for your Ongoing service, we work with you to keep you on track to implement your recommendations and be available when needed throughout your financial journey.  You have unlimited phone and email access to your advisor and (at a minimum) at least one annual review check-in meeting.