Client Resources

Get Acquainted Meeting Details

Length: 30 to 45 minutes

This meeting (Phone or Office) will allow us to learn more about one another, ensure there is a “good fit” and discuss your goals, concerns, and the process of working together.  We do not provide any advice at the “Get Acquainted” meeting but desire to learn about you, answer the questions about how we work together, and make sure we understand the outcomes you desire from our work together.

Before we meet:

a)  Fill out the confidential questionnaire and email it to us at least five (5) business days before our meeting.

b)  Contact us here.

After the Get Acquainted meeting you receive information on the fee and engagement details.  

If you decide to move forward with TorchLight Advisors, these are the NEXT STEPS:

Data Collection and Review

The time needed for this step varies.  Upon receipt of your documents, TorchLight will need at least two weeks to review your information.  We will communicate any missing information to you as well as work with you during this time to get your first meeting scheduled.

Initial Plan and Goals Meeting

We meet after the review of your financial information in order to review your future goals, review the initial financial plan, clarify information and discuss considerations we need to keep in mind as we provide our recommendations.  This meeting is usually 90 minutes.

Interactive Planning Meeting(s)

We may have other meetings (phone or in person) to cover more topics, if necessary. Meetings vary in length but are usually 60 to 90 minutes.


This step varies depending upon your Service level (Plan Package or Ongoing Advisory).  We want to make sure you have concrete recommendations for any action items as well as clarification on how to reach your goals.